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Charlo: I pushed a lot harder than Castano
Trainer: Charlo should’ve been a little busier against Castano
Charlo and Castano need to rematch, no better fight for either man
Should Tank Davis fight Romero next? It’s on Mayweather Promotions
Pros react to Charlo-Castano and controversial draw
Results and highlights: Charlo and Castano fight to draw, no undisputed champ
Charlo vs Castano: Live coverage
Spence: I’ll retire Pacquiao, still want Crawford fight
Results and highlights: Romero stops Yigit, Vidal edges Aleem
Taylor: I would “absolutely destroy” Tank Davis

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Boxing is a popular sports game that has the status of an Olympic game. All fights are held under standard rules: each round lasts 3 minutes, the total number of rounds comes to 12. The winner is determined in case:


If the fighters defended rounds without knockout, the winner is determined by the number of points. When the score is the same, the winner is the one who won on points for a greater number of rounds. Occasionally, there are fights in a draw. In addition, boxers are not allowed to strike any part of the body, except the fist. It is also forbidden to punch below the waist, pushing, holding an opponent, spitting, biting, etc. The course of the fight, as a rule, is under the control of the referee. He may determine the punishment for breaking the rules by removing points, warning or disqualification. If you are interested in current boxing news, you can find a lot of useful information on our website. The boxing news is updated daily on our specialized website, so you will always have access to the latest information.

The latest boxing news: what to watch out for

Major sports boxing news comes in on fights played under the auspices of:


Athletes who manage to win the belts of the organizations listed above are awarded the status of world champion. If you want to have access to boxing news 24/7, use our website.

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Our website has the most boxing coverage. You can regularly read predictions of fights, as well as analysis of fights that have already taken place from the best analysts online. In addition to the schedule of upcoming games, it is also interesting to read statistics and other information. Here you can find the latest boxing news and results now. In addition, there are regularly published photo reports of fights that took place. In addition to world and Olympic boxing, you can find information on how boxing is developing in the world today. 


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