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Canadian football is a popular sport in the country. Every year it is growing strongly, and the Canadian government is investing money in stadiums and taking other steps to promote the sport. You can find CFL news on our website. It will help you find more interesting information about the latest news in Canadian football.


First, rugby began to develop in the country, which gradually changed and acquired other rules. Eventually football was created that was different from the original version of rugby, and even had differences from the football that became popular in the United States. Thus appeared CFL, news about which you can find on our website. Modern Canadian football has fundamental differences that you should know about. You can get more useful information in a specialized category on our website. This game has gradually become popular in Canada, and now you have access to the latest news in this category. Our website will help you find a lot of useful information, so you should use it when you need it.


CFL features

The number of players on the field is 12 instead of 11. But there should be the same number of players on the scrimmage line as in football. Therefore, the 12th player is placed behind the linemen. Often 2 slotbacks are used (mostly instead of tight end). The slot is the space between the edge OL and WR and the SB is placed in that gap, but slightly deeper than the line of scrimmage. On the other hand, instead of two safeties, usually 1 safety and 2 defensive halfbacks are used – they are placed deeper than the cornerbacks and closer to the center, but not as far from the scrimmage as the safety. If you want to get to CFL news today, use our website.


Scrimmage Players of the defending team may not be placed closer than 1 yard from the scrimmage line (in football the defending team is allowed to place themselves directly along the scrimmage line – a visual line parallel to the goal line with the edges touching the ends of the ball). Because of this, the scrimmage cannot be closer than 1 yard to the goal line, even if the ball has become dead inside the 1-yard line. In this case the scrimmage line is pushed back, and the ball is set 1 yard from the goal line. All players behind the scrimmage line can move to the snap (excluding the QB) simultaneously not only parallel to the line of scrimmage but also to and from it (often used to confuse defenses). Unlike football, where only one player can move and only along the line of scrimmage. By the way, the snap (passing the ball between the legs from the line player to the quarterback) is mandatory in CF, whereas in football it is not, but it is used because of convenience. And the ball must necessarily be passed to the quarterback, which is why the Wildcat formation is forbidden in CF. The latest CFL news is available on our website.


The attack is run in 3 downs instead of 4. That is, the attacking team is given 3 attempts to pass for 10 yards instead of 4 as in football. A punt is usually made on 3rd down. But because the defense is 1 yard away from the scrimmage, it is not uncommon on 3rd down to attempt to advance if there is 1 yard or slightly more left. No fair catch after the punt. Similar to rugby. The punter and players behind him during the punt are allowed to fight for the ball.


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