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Cricket is not only an iconic English outdoor game, it is also a part of British culture and history, an inherent part of the nation. It is impossible to imagine Churchill without a cigar, Sherlock Holmes without a pipe, and England without cricket and Agatha Christie, whose father was president of the local club. You can find world cricket news on our website online 24/7.


The question “what is cricket” can be answered in different ways. First, it is one of the ball and bat games, which include noodle, baseball, golf, and croquet. The exact time and place of origin of the game under study is unknown, but it is believed to be the Middle Ages and the southeast of England. In connection with a similar sport mentions the county of Kent, where the locals already in the XIII century entertained themselves outdoors with a ball and bat, instead of which in those distant times used a curved shepherd’s stick – cric. It is likely that this is what gave the name of the game, although there are other versions of the origin of the name, and the debate has not subsided to this day. 


Specific timing

It has been speculated that cricket made its way to continental Europe during the early Middle Ages, and then, in the 17th century, cricket returned to England, where it became the national sport. One way or another, but the first club appeared in Hambledon, Hampshire, in the 60s of XVIII century. Naturally, for decades, the people of this province were considered the best players in England. Then, and this is also natural, the center of cricket moved to the capital, where courts began to be built, powerful clubs were created, under the influence of which even changed the rules of the game for centuries. To find an exact answer to the question “what is cricket” you can go to the Marylebone Club, in London. This is where the world center of the game and the International Cricket Council (ICC) is located. You can find cricket news on our website.


Britain had so many colonies, and even had the reputation of being an empire over which the sun never set. Therefore, the national game of the British spread in the controlled territories. Cricket is incredibly popular in Australia and India. People know what cricket is in New Zealand and Pakistan, in Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and South Africa. There are national teams of Namibia, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Canada and the Caribbean. Despite the extensive list of countries, cricket did not last long among the Olympic sports. The motivation for exclusion was the lack of competition. This may have been because there were only two teams in the 1900 Paris Summer Olympics, from England and France, and the British won. Now you can watch recent cricket news on our site.


The main roles in the game

Two leading roles (bowler and batsman) are alternately played by all players in both teams. The former may only throw a maximum of six pitches, collectively known as overs. The ball is pitched by a player from one team and reflected by a representative of the other team, both players are in their opposite playing areas at the ends of the pitch. Immediately after reflecting the ball with the bat, the batsman may run to the opposite wicket and touch the ground behind it, then you can rush back. The runs score points. But he can stay in place if the reflected ball flies far enough: to the edge of the pitch, 4 points, over its boundary, 6 points. All players during the match are scattered all over the field, and only two representatives of different teams serve and receive the ball.


Cricket news

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