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Formula 1, the Queen of Motorsport, the Great Circus. It has many names, but the essence is the same. Many people have been watching Formula 1 auto racing for several years, but are unaware of what exactly is called Formula 1. To fix this, we need to figure out what’s behind that beautiful name. You can also use our website to access f1 news. 


The term “Formula 1” can be defined in a narrow and broad sense. In a narrow sense, the Formula 1 is a set of technical rules, requirements and regulations, in accordance with which the Formula 1 World Championship is organized and conducted. The FIA, the International Automobile Federation, is responsible for adopting and changing these rules. It is the main governing body of all motor sport competitions in the world. Its rules are primarily aimed at ensuring the safety of the drivers participating in car racing and of the spectators in the stands. In addition, the FIA aims to ensure the development of motorsports, so racing did not become an ultra-expensive and exotic sport.


In a broad sense, Formula 1 – the world championship circuit racing, which is played every year and consists of the stages – the Grand Prix. At the end of each season, winners are determined in the individual and team standings. The first place driver in the individual competition is awarded the title of world champion, and the team – the Cup of constructors. The championship is called Formula 1 has been running since 1950, but even before that there were regular Grand Prix events, but there was no centralized system for calculating points for stage victories. If you want to keep up to date, f1 racing news can help.


Formula 1 has become known as the “queen of motorsports” or the “royal race”. This is because Formula 1 is considered the most prestigious racing series in the world and the pinnacle of the career for most auto racers. There are several reasons for this:


To gain a deeper understanding of how Formula 1 works, it will be helpful to review the basic concepts that make up the sport. Check our site to find the latest F1 news today.


Formula 1 Calendar

The Formula 1 calendar consists of a certain number of stages, the Grand Prix, which are held in different countries around the world. As a rule, the championship consists of 16-19 stages. The first round is traditionally held in March and the last one in October or November. You will find the best f1 news online on our website.


The 2016 Formula 1 World Championship is the longest in the history of Formula 1 and consists of 21 stages, while the shortest one consisted of seven races held twice: in 1950 and 1955. The Formula 1 World Championship calendar is compiled by the FIA and is published a year before the start of the season. Racecourse owners personally sign contracts with Formula 1 management to host the Grand Prix. The fact of hosting the Formula 1 Grand Prix significantly increases the popularity and prestige of the racing circuit.


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