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Golf is a game in which the goal is to “carry” the ball through a specially prepared area of the course – “hole” – from a few dozen to several hundred meters long, and drive it into a hole cut in the grass, also called the “hole”, using as few strokes as possible. A round usually consists of 18 holes (less often 9).  You can find golf news on our website.


Golfers can move around the course on foot, pulling or pushing a special cart in front of them, which holds a bag with clubs, or carrying a bag on his back, or ride on a special electric car – a golf cart. However, it should be borne in mind that on some golf courses the use of carts is prohibited (or their use is limited), and in some cases, in order to shorten the game, on the contrary, you can not walk. Most clubs allow the golfer to use a caddie, a person who assists the golfer during the round. Contrary to popular belief, the caddie is not just a “porter”, in fact, he is the only person the rules allow to advise the player during the game and his help can be absolutely valuable, especially on an unfamiliar course. Check golf news today on our site online for more interesting information.


Golf is one of the few sports games that do not use a standard course with a strictly defined length, width and other parameters. Each golf course has its own, unique design, although they certainly share some common features.


Originally the “parents” of golf – the Scots played mostly on grassy sand dunes on the coast. Courses of this type are called links. However, today arenas in the image and likeness of the classic – very hilly, open to all winds, with virtually no tall trees and water barriers – are built in a significant distance from the sea, creating dunes of imported sand and planting for greater similarity with the traditional Scottish heather.  Parkland type courses are very common around the world – with lots of trees and fairways, so you feel like you’re playing in a beautiful forest or tropical garden, depending on the terrain. There are also desert courses, with many areas covered with sand, but they are not obstacles; mountain courses – characterized by huge differences in altitude; ice and many others. If you are interested in this sport, you can find the latest golf news on our website in this category.


They say that golf is a game that involves 95 percent of the brain and only 5 percent of the body. Before a golfer can make his or her first shot on a hole, he or she must develop a strategy that depends on the distance from the tee to the green, the width and degree of “curvature” of the fairway, the location of bunkers, water obstacles, trees and other objects that can affect the ball’s flight, the wind direction and speed and a host of other factors.


Play on each hole begins with a tee shot; depending on the length and difficulty of the hole, the golfer can either tee shot directly onto the green or aim at a point on the fairway. Usually the most “long-range” clubs with voluminous hollow heads, the “woods”, are used for the first shot. (the longest and “big-headed” of which is called a “driver”). The second and subsequent strokes (until the ball is on the green) most often perform clubs with heavy flat heads – “irons” – there are many kinds, and they differ in length of handle and angle of the head. Getting to the green, the player takes a “putter” – a special stick, after hitting which the ball does not rise in the air, and rolls on the green. The maximum number of clubs a player may take to the field is fourteen. 


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