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NL East  MLB standings  all the latest information


Baseball is a very popular and exciting game. You can find mlb nl east standings news on our website.


How many people play on each team?

There are many people, but no more than 9 people play at a time. The defending team has all of them on the field in different positions. The attacking team has only one person starting the game at home, and if he manages to run over to some base or is out, another baseball player takes the bat. The attacking team can have a maximum of 4 people on the field at a time (one at home and one on each of the three bases).


What is the goal of the game?

When a baseball player successfully bats a ball and then alternately runs from home to 1st base, then to 2nd, 3rd, and back to home again, his team gets one point. Such successful runs don’t happen very often-the most popular score in baseball is 7-4. When three players on the attacking team are out, the team turns to defense. In each inning, the team plays offense and defense once. There are a total of 9 innings. If there is a tie after 9 innings, they play the 10th, 11th, etc. until a winner is determined. The record for the length of a single baseball game is over 6 hours. If you want to follow mlb nl east teams, use our website and the news available here.


Who are the main players on the field?

The center of attention in baseball is always the duel between the pitcher and the batter. The pitcher is the person who throws the ball. His team is defensive, and the better he throws and strikes out opponents with outs, the faster his team will move on offense.


The batter is the man who strikes the ball out with the bat. His team is attacking and trying to score points. After hitting the ball, the batter throws the bat and runs around the perimeter of the square. When he reaches 1st base, he becomes a runner. Now the batter becomes his teammate, and the ex-batter as runner tries to run from 1st base to 2nd base, then to 3rd and then home.


The catcher sits behind the batter. This is a person from the same team as the pitcher. His job is to catch the ball that the pitcher has thrown if it has not been hit by the opposing batter. The other defensive players either guard their base (three people on each base plus a shortstop between 2nd and 3rd base) or catch the ball in the outfield. You can keep up with all the latest mlb nl east standing news on our website. 


Good pitching by the pitcher

The pitcher must hit the ball into a strictly limited rectangle, the so-called strike zone – above home, above the batter’s knee, but below his chest. This is monitored by a special umpire. The pitcher’s job is to leave the batter out. One of the main ways is to strike out, that is, three strikes.


A strikeout is essentially a successful throw. As you’ve learned, if the ball goes in the strike zone and the batter doesn’t hit it or ignores it, the umpire calls the strike. If the ball goes outside the strike zone, but the batter still swung his bat at it and didn’t hit it, it’s a strike again. If the pitcher does not get in the strike zone and the batter feels it and does not swing the bat, the pitcher gets the ball. Four balls and the batter is allowed to take first base. The same happens if the pitcher hits the ball at the batter (who did not intentionally throw himself under the ball).


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