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What kind of sport is MMA? Imagine that boxers, karate fighters, wrestlers, sambists, judoists, Muay Thai, jiu-jitsu and kickboxing fighters are gathered in one room. The atmosphere is tense: these tough guys and girls would like to find out in combat who is stronger. But to do so, they must gain experience from each other. There’s no other way to do it. This room is MMA, an independent martial arts movement that combines many fighting styles and techniques. If you want to have access to MMA news, explore our website.


MMA is modern mixed martial arts, featuring the best of various martial arts schools. How is MMA translated? The answer is this: the abbreviation for MMA is “mixed martial arts”. MMA athletes are versatile fighters. They can hit each other with their hands like in boxing, swing their legs like in karate and Muay Thai, fight and throw their opponent like in sambo or freestyle wrestling. On our site you can get access to the latest MMA fighting news.


MMA techniques and styles

Fighting takes place in full contact. Opponents can punch and kick each other, as well as wrestle in stand-up and parterre. To become a successful fighter, athletes have to learn different fighting styles from each other. Boxing, karate or kickboxing help in “punching”. When fighting, fighters prefer to use techniques from freestyle or Greco-Roman wrestling, as well as judo and sambo. The latest MMA news will help you to be always up to date with the main events.


History of the origin of MMA

There are several key events that influenced the formation and origins of modern mixed martial arts. Historically, the trend was scattered, but always had in common – a mixture of fighting styles and techniques. Only by the end of the twentieth century a unified direction appeared. Ancient Greek pankration – the first known mixed martial arts. 


The first UFC fights were organized for one purpose – to put on a show, the same thing you can see in MMA news today. To make the show popular, it was decided to reveal the strongest fighter of the planet. It was planned to hold several one-off fights, but the fights became widely known. The slogan “no rules” attracted the attention of the audience, which ruined the company. The fights were criticized and banned in several states of America, causing television to lose interest.


The UFC was on the verge of bankruptcy, but it was bought out by Zuffa LLC for $2 million. New fight rules were established, and disagreements with athletic commissions were resolved as well. In 2001, the fights returned to the legal field. Now MMA is one of the fastest growing sports. New organizations and schools are being created, ticket sales, media mentions, television broadcasts and videos on the Internet are growing. The inclusion of mixed martial arts in the Olympic program is also being prepared. 


Thanks to a long history, it has been possible to accumulate a lot of experience in fighting. This has helped to form strict rules with serious restrictions. Fighting Rules. MMA is the fights that combine striking and wrestling techniques. That is, you can punch and kick, make grapples and throws, as well as conduct choking holds. There are a number of restrictions, so that fights can take place without fatalities or serious injuries. You can find MMA daily news on our website in a special category.


Most fights take place in a special octagonal cage, the octagon. It consists of the flooring, which is covered with plywood boards and mats for the safety of the fighters. There is a metal mesh around it, which protects the fighters from kicking out. 


Where to find the latest MMA news

If you are looking for MMA fighting news, you can find them on our website. There is a lot of the latest news on various sports available online. So here you can regularly study MMA news and follow the fights.