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Dale Earnhardt Jr. to enter NASCAR Hall of Fame with father on his mind
Martha Earnhardt, matriarch of racing family, dies at 91
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Dale Earnhardt Jr. to enter NASCAR Hall of Fame with father on his mind
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Martha Earnhardt, matriarch of racing family, dies at 91
Kyle Larson says Formula One finish that made Max Verstappen champion not ‘particularly fair’

NASCAR is a racing series that represents the American vision of endurance racing. For example, in the world-famous endurance racing championship Le Mans, the pilots, periodically changing, drive a car for 24 hours without interruption. Le Mans has several classes and uses the usual winding racetracks. Pilots manage to drive more than 5000 km in 24 hours. The record for 2010 is 5,410 km and an average speed of 225 km/h. You can find NASCAR news on our website.

In NASCAR, things are a little different. The tracks are not twisty, but oval, with the turn all the time in one direction. Places of turns, have a big slope to the center of the track, to improve the grip properties of a car and prevent the departure of the track at high speeds. Thanks to these tracks race cars NASCAR can move all the time with almost maximum speed and even in the corners, keep the “throttle” of the engine completely open. The highest average lap speed in NASCAR has been set at California Speedway at 388.537 km/h, which is the highest average lap speed in motorsports. The average speed per race, at the same track, is 333 km/h including pit stops for tire changes and refueling. The endurance of these races is not determined by the time the car is on the racetrack, but rather by the time of full throttle of the engine! If you need access to NASCAR news today, use our website.

NASCAR holds a large number of different endurance championships, including those outside the U.S. – in Mexico, Canada and Europe. The latest NASCAR news is available on our site online. Drivers can drive cars for 24 hours without interruption on the racetracks. There are 36 races in a year on the main stage of the NASCAR series (34 of which are on oval tracks of varying lengths, and two of which are on road-type tracks). Each team may field four race teams, each racing one car. The NASCAR race news are among the most interesting, so you can access and analyze the entire category. These races attract the attention of millions of fans, because everything happens fast and very spectacular. So use our website if you want to get more of the latest NASCAR news.

What cars are raced? 

The rules do not allow technologically sophisticated and expensive cars to be raced. The car must be created from scratch, as all units and components are based on a very strong space frame, which ensures the safety of the pilot in case of accidents, at speeds close to 400 km/h. The main dimensions of the car body are strictly regulated and checked against templates during the certification of a car. All of the panels covering the car are hand made of sheet metal. There are no headlights or doors in the car. The window of the car is used as a door for the pilot. 

The NASCAR engine has a strict 5.86 (358 cubic inch) liter displacement limit. The engines capacity is about 770 hp. The transmission of a NASCAR race car is manual 4-speed, the braking system does not allow for any ABS systems. Conventional metal brake discs are used, which are additionally cooled by air flow through special ducts. The driver’s seat is offset closer to the center and has six to seven seat belts for better safety of the pilot in an accident. You can get more useful information and access to sporting news NASCAR on our website. Just select a specific category. 

Where to find NASCAR news

If you are looking for sporting news NASCAR, you can get all the information you need on our website. It will help you to find the most accurate source and always be up-to-date with the latest NASCAR news. It’s a popular way of doing auto racing, so there is a lot of news that comes out 24/7. You can explore the most interesting sporting news NASCAR on our site.