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A special feature of NASCAR racing is the use of oval tracks with backing (a
high angle of inclination of the roadway in the turn), which requires skill and a
high degree of professionalism of the racer. During the race, drivers often
compete side by side, counting on the error of the opponent to take the lead
despite the lack of speed advantage. At any time there may be a collision
resulting in a massive accident. In one round a number of 43 cars move,
becoming part of the track and natural obstacles to each other. On our website
you can find out who won today NASCAR race.
Calendar Features
The calendar includes 36 qualifying and 2 non-qualifying stages.
● Budweiser Shootout. Held at Daytona International Speedway, one
weekend prior to the first round. Participants are winners of previous
seasons. You can find out who wins NASCAR races today on our
● Sprint All-Star. Starts one week prior to Coca-Cola 600 (held at Lowe's
Motor Speedway). Previous years' champions and the winner of the
spectator vote are allowed to start.
● Restrictor races. The traditional calendar consists of 4 "restrictor" races
(with additional restrictions) starting at Daytona and Talladega
Superspeedways. Indianapolis track, Pocono track and short tracks in
Richmond, Bristol, Martinsville.
● Scoring. Developed in 1975, the points system in NASCAR was as
follows: 185 points received the race leader, 175 – the silver medalist. The
points would go down and the last 45th place would be awarded 35
You can follow NASCAR race week on our website. Since 2011, points are
awarded under a simplified scheme and 43 competitors fight for the Cup. The
difference between the positions of the finalists is 1 point. For 43rd place a pilot
gets 1 point, for 42nd – 2 points, for 41st – 3 points. For the first place there are
4 points more than for the second place. Additional bonus system increases the
qualification of the team that has a high score and took its position in the pit
12 drivers are competing for the Cup now, the last 2 places will be given to
those who finished 11th-20th. The best drivers are awarded 2,000 points (in

exchange for the earned points). The driver from the top 10 who made it to the
Chase gets 3 points for winning each race throughout the season. The Cup is
won by the maximum number of points in the tenth race. Follow NASCAR race
weekend news on our web-site.
Race Series Variety
● Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series. Title sponsor of NASCAR races.
Monster Energy is the highest division to win the Cup and consists of 36
qualifying stages.
● NASCAR Xfinity Series. The second division of the auto racing series.
Changed names several times: "Budweiser Late Model Sportsman Series"
(1982 to 1983), "Busch Grand National Series" (1984 to 2003), "Busch
Series" (2003 to 2007).
● Camping World Truck Series. The series, featuring 32 pickup trucks, was
started in 1991 and has its own qualifying system. You can follow
schedule NASCAR racing and get more information on our site.
● Whelen Euro Series. NASCAR Series of international level, created by a
French team. Cars in the European series are equipped with 450 hp
Chevrolet V8 engine. The distance of the race is 60 km, which is several
times less than the length of the tracks in the United States. Many pilots
take part and show high results in this series.
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