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Devin Booker’s week includes ASG endorsement from Kendall Jenner, run-in with Raptors’ mascot and more
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Phoenix Suns win NBA-leading 30th game behind Chris Paul’s triple-double
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Basketball news from around the world

Basketball is the second most popular game in the world. In some countries it is even in first place. Therefore, it is not surprising that the game has millions of fans in all countries. Reading NBA news is as important for fans as watching their favorite teams play. On our site you will find all the latest NBA news and be able to follow the standings of various conferences.


The rules of the game

Basketball is a game where the main aim is to throw the biggest number of balls into your opponent’s basket and not to let the balls fall into your own basket. You can only play basketball with your hands. It is forbidden to move around the court without hitting the ball on the floor. Intentionally hitting the ball or blocking its movement with your foot is strictly prohibited. If you are looking for NBA news, our site has a lot of useful information about your favorite teams.


To participate in the game on a specially equipped field (basketball court) go two teams of five basketball players. In total each team may be declared for 12 players. At the same time during the game the coach can make an unlimited number of substitutions. A basketball game is played on a court of 28 by 15 meters. However, national federations are allowed to use smaller courts for holding a tournament, but not shorter than 26 m and not narrower than 14 m. The height of the ceiling in a hall where basketball games are played may not be lower than 7 m. Basketball baskets are placed at a height of 3.05 m.


As a rule, a basketball game lasts 40 minutes and is divided into two periods of 20 minutes each. The break between playing periods should last 10 minutes. In some associations tournament rules allow games to be played in four periods of 12 minutes each, which means the total duration of a meeting in this case is 48 minutes. You can find NBA news today on our website.


The latest NBA news

The NBA has 30 teams, which are divided into the Western and Eastern Conferences. The division is based on geography. The season is played according to the following rules:


The NBA season is quite long, so NBA sport news comes in daily. To follow them, just go to our website, which has all the relevant information, including NBA player news.


Basketball sports news on one website

The NBA is the most popular, but not the only basketball league. Thus, the International Basketball Federation unites all national basketball federations. Under its aegis both clubs and national teams hold their games. If you are interested in NBA recent news, then go to the appropriate section of the site – there you will find all the latest and up to date information.


Basketball news for sports fans

Basketball is a dynamic game with lots of news. To stay up to date, we recommend reading the news digests on our website. In addition to the NBA news today, you’ll find the results of NBA and other league games, game statistics, teams and players, and much more.


Read all the latest and most relevant NBA sports news on our site. Here you will have access to the best information online 24/7. Basketball is constantly evolving, as its status as one of the most popular games makes it grow. Now there are millions of fans of this game around the world, so NBA news updates are of interest to many people. If you want to be always up to date with the latest news, use our website.