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NBA Pacific division News


The most spectacular and quality basketball in the world. The NBA (National Basketball Association) championship is the strongest and most prestigious of all existing tournaments for club basketball teams. With all this the NBA is first of all a commercial project. All of the league’s clubs are commercial enterprises. Throughout the history of the NBA its member clubs have changed their location and name more than once. But solely for financial reasons. And if they drop out of the NBA – then only because of bankruptcy. You can find the latest news of the nba pacific division and other divisions on our site.


The NBA was founded on June 6, 1946 in New York City – as the Basketball Association of America (BAA). The founders were 10 US basketball clubs and one Canadian club. The league was named the NBA in 1949 after the BAA merged with six National Basketball League (NBL) clubs.


Almost all major changes in the rules of basketball in its history were born in the NBA or in the leagues that later merged with it:


In addition to game days, the annual NBA calendar includes two “windows” – for NBA All-Star Weekend and the annual NBA Draft. If you want information about these events, or the pacific division, you should follow the updates on our website.


All-Star Weekend is essentially a show promoting the NBA. In recent years, it has featured sports contests between the league’s stars and two All-Star Game friendlies.


The NBA Draft is a procedure for allocating signing rights to the best basketball players not yet playing in the NBA. The draft is preceded by a draft lottery – all 30 teams in the league receive their draft numbers. Number 1 gives the club the right to pick first – the best player on the roster yet to be drafted. The club that gets number 2 picks second – and so on. Usually the number 1s go to the weakest NBA clubs at the end of the last season. Therefore, the draft allows them to strengthen the roster by selecting the best rookies. The draft artificially maintains the potential equality of all NBA clubs. Therefore, games between them are rarely a one-way game. This attracts spectators and raises the league’s profits.


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