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Football is a team sport that developed in the United States in the 19th century. It is one of the most popular sports in America, attracting thousands of players and millions of spectators every year. Football is the sport of the new millennium. It is a fast-paced, attacking, high-powered game that has captured the hearts of 800 million fans around the world, and it is played on five continents in more than 40 countries. Now you can follow the latest NCAAF news via TV or on our website.


College Football

Football has grown rapidly at colleges and universities, becoming more and more fashionable, but with it growing dissatisfaction with the increasing rudeness and cruelty of the game, leading to its prohibition in some colleges. During the course of the games 180 players were seriously injured and eighteen fatalities were reported. In 1905, US President Theodore Roosevelt – an ardent advocate of spectator and violent sports – announced the need to reform football into a safer version of the game to save it from the threat of outright prohibition. Roosevelt called upon representatives of Harvard, Princeton and Yale universities to help carry out the reform. They formed a special committee, which eventually led to the formation of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA).


The National Collegiate Athletic Association is a national collegiate athletic association with 1,281 different organizations that organize college and university sports in the United States and Canada. In the states, professional clubs have no affiliated structures in charge of training youth athletes. It is for this reason that this function falls to educational institutions. So you can get the latest NCAAF news on our website if you need it.


Today, almost a century after the formation of the NCAA, which still promotes university football, football remains one of the favorite sports among youngsters. Despite the greatly increased interest in professional football, more than 35 million spectators attend college team games each year. Every university in the United States has a team, and there are more than 600 varsity football teams across the country. Teams are organized into associations based on geographic location, with 8-10 teams in each association. College and university teams compete in approximately 11 official games per season. A number of prestigious cups are held annually: the Orange Bowl (Miami, Fla.), Sugar Bowl (New Orleans, Louisiana), Cotton Bowl (Dallas, Texas) and Peach Bowl (Atlanta, Georgia). If you want to get all the latest sporting news NCAAF, you should visit our website regularly. You will find a lot of useful and interesting information here.


In college football, the NCAA, earns, on the order of $1 billion annually. While the entire system of university sport in the states, according to the most conservative estimates, generates about 12 billion. The popularity of college sports in the states is something incredible. College football matches, can draw audiences larger than professional NFL clubs. For example, the University of Michigan team averaged 110,000 spectators at home games in 2015. Many people follow the latest NCAAF news online.


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