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Not only the United States, but the entire world is passionate about basketball,
but only here do fans follow all sporting events in this category so closely. The
history of basketball in America began in the late 19th century. At one college
in Massachusetts, the administrators asked one of their professors, James
Nesmith, to come up with an activity for the students in the winter, so they
wouldn't have to go outside in the cold, and could practice in the gym. And he
came up with it! And everyone loved the game so much that basketball began to
grow in popularity.
At the moment, there are several basketball leagues active in the United States,
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Basketball in the United States, NBA
Almost immediately after the birth of basketball, women began to play it,
although the rules of the game were slightly modified for them. In 1904, just 13
years after its inception, basketball was part of the Olympics, although it was
not included in the official program. It wasn't added to the Olympics until 1936,
when it was taken over by Nazi Berlin. That's also when basketball players in
the United States won their first medals in the Olympics.
A year later the National Basketball League (NBA) was born. The interest in
basketball was so great that businessmen began to pay attention to it, believing
that big money would follow the game in the future. They became sponsors of
the National Basketball League. Sponsors were also found for the National
Basketball Association, which originated in 1949. You can also learn more
about the NBA G league, and what does the G stand for.
The NBA today has 29 teams representing the United States and Canada. They
compete in the Eastern and Western Conferences. At the end of the basketball
season, conference winners meet in a series of games to determine the NBA
champion. There are also other popular leagues that get a lot of attention. The

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