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No one is surprised by women’s sports these days. Women’s basketball has long been seen as no longer an exotic pastime. There are annual national championships in almost every country in the world, and in the United States it is already a super-profitable business, where NCAAW basketball is developing. World and European Championships and even inclusion in the Olympic program, the general coverage on the network and on television proves that this kind of competition is very popular and in demand at the moment. The first mention of women’s competition in this discipline dates back to the end of the nineteenth century. All the above-mentioned proves once again the consistency, the attractiveness and the long tradition of the sport. If you are looking for NCAAW basketball rankings, you can find this information on our website.


Features of Women’s Basketball

It is scientifically proved that the female sex is a dozen centimeters shorter and the same number of kilograms lighter than the male sex. Therefore, the main feature is: sharply different from the average body anthropometry of girls. As for the rules of the game, there is nothing not only fundamentally different, but in principle something different from the rules established for men. Game time is the same, only for Europe and the USA it is different, the number of halves, the calculation of points for shots from different positions, fouls, all this is absolutely identical. So NCAAW basketball scores are not particularly different.


In terms of tactics for the game, movement and coordination you can find differences. Women are more characterized by smooth and measured movements, they differ from the rapid and impetuous action of men’s basketball, in addition, women are characterized by a greater degree of teamwork, so fans of combination and team play is clearly worth to look at women’s competitions, fans of individual, forceful action will prefer male basketball.


Women’s stamina peaks at a very young age, around 20 years old, so another feature is a quicker end of career and younger age group of participants than in men. If you are looking for NCAAW basketball schedule, use our website.


Popularity of women’s basketball

Women’s basketball is definitely not the most popular sport. Even in the most basketball-friendly country in the world. Even here, though, you can argue for a long time. According to 2008 data, 98 percent of American schools and colleges have girls’ basketball programs. And attendance at NCAAW basketball tournaments grows every year. Last year, for example, an average of 12,000 people attended home games at the University of South Carolina. In the United States, there is now a real war on television to give as much broadcasting time as possible to women’s sports.


In Europe, attendance at the various championships is a little worse. South Carolina draw 12,000 for its home games, and the last EuroBasket final drew 4,500. Even less than the 2015 European Championships in Hungary and Romania (5,200) and the Euros in France (5,500). The Czechs had no problem with the capacity of the arena in the final round. And that is not to mention the games in the group stage and qualifying games for n spots. Not only the top tournaments have problems with attendance. But there are plenty of fans in America who enjoy attending NCAAW basketball champions games.


Right now, young girls all over the world are starting to play basketball, and over a period of time they could become basketball stars. They will be recognized in every corner of the globe. They will make a lot of money. But in addition to popularity and financial prosperity, they will do something else: They will build their legacy brick by brick. And professional basketball players are giving young girls the dream of being great players right this moment. If you want to follow their progress, NCAAW rankings basketball is on our website.