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Basketball is one of the most spectacular and dynamic sports games. But not everyone knows that before gaining worldwide popularity, the sport had a long way to form and develop. If you want to watch NCAAW schedule in real time, our site will be your best choice. Here you will find the freshest sports news and the results of all competitions. 


The Development of Basketball

The birthplace of basketball is considered to be the United States. Women’s basketball was developing in parallel with men’s. Senda Berenson supported the idea, adapting the proposed rules to the activities in a women’s school. But it wasn’t until 1976 that women’s basketball emerged as an Olympic sport, although it had been practiced extensively internationally long before that. If you are looking for current basketball news or want access to NCAAW basketball schedules, you should use our site. Here you can easily find all the interesting information on the latest sporting events in the different leagues. Now let’s go back to the history of the development of women’s basketball.


In March 1892 Senda initiated the first women’s basketball competition. To distinguish the teams from each other, basketball players tied a colored headscarf to their forearms. Only women could watch the game; men were forbidden to enter. The second game between freshmen and sophomores was open to the general public. More than 1,100 people came to the gymnasium to watch the game. The game was compared to the annual soccer game at Yale Harvard.


Breakthrough in women’s basketball

In the late 19th century, sports team games between women were perceived by society as a ladies’ temporary fad. But despite public opinion, women’s basketball was becoming popular in American schools. Senda believed that basketball was about teaching morals and true femininity. In 1901, the first edition of standardized rules for women’s basketball was published. Throughout her life, Senda amended the rules for women’s basketball to improve the quality of the game. For 12 years, from 1905 to 1917, Berenson chaired the U.S. Women’s Basketball Committee. 


Now women’s basketball has become a very entertaining tournament and many fans enjoy watching the latest developments in the sport. You can research the ESPN NCAAW schedule on our website. This will help you spot the most exciting games from the beginning and not miss anything interesting. In women’s basketball, you can often find spectacular competitions and individual games. So the schedule of matches will help you keep track of the brightest events in advance.


Women’s Basketball in the Olympics

Unlike men’s basketball, women’s basketball first became an official part of the Olympic tournament held in Montreal in 1976. The first winner was the team from the Soviet Union, which repeated its success at the next Olympics in Moscow four years later. After that, two Olympic tournaments went to Team USA. The CIS women’s basketball team led the way in the 1992 Barcelona Olympics, playing in only one event. In all subsequent Olympics, the U.S. team remained the leader.


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