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Basketball competitions attract more and more audiences every year. Women’s basketball is no exception. The sport discipline is part of the Olympic Games and is widely covered by the press, keeping up with men’s basketball. While all the credit goes to men’s basketball, women are waiting for permission from federations, organizing committees, and other places to play in an international tournament. Women’s basketball can be tougher and more exciting than men’s. You can follow the NCAAW scores on our website.


History of women’s basketball

The game originated in 1891. American teacher James Naismith is considered to be the founder. Basketball gained instant popularity, tournaments were held, and professional basketball associations were organized. Women began to play in the late 1890s. Senda Berenston is considered the founder of the women’s game. The physical education teacher developed and implemented the rules of women’s basketball in 1892.


In 1893, the first game was played between female students at the college where Berenston taught. That same year the first international girls’ basketball tournament was held. The team from Italy won. In 1976 the discipline was included in the Olympic program. College basketball is actively developing and you can follow NCAAW basketball scores.


The main differences

Basketball court, ring size and height do not differ in women’s and men’s sport. The number and duration of halves and scoring system are the same for the disciplines. Men and women shoot the shot the same way: with one hand. Although a few decades ago girls threw the ball with two hands. Physically, girls and boys are very different, which also affects the game. Men are taller and heavier, have more developed muscles and endurance above the women’s. Despite the similarities, the women’s and men’s game have some major differences, which affects NCAAW college basketball scores.


The ball for the women’s game is smaller. It is 28.5-29 inches in diameter, while the men’s ball is 29.5-30 inches. Women’s hands are smaller, so it is easier for athletes to handle a smaller ball. An accurate three-point shot gives the team bonus points. The distance to the ring and the length of the arc are different in the men’s and women’s sport. The men’s game tends to have more points as a result. Men have more shots from the field. Due to the tall height, men’s basketball has more successful free throws and plays over the edge. NCAAW volleyball scores are also available on our website.


Best Women’s Basketball Team

USA, which is no surprise. They lead in both number of titles and total number of medals won – 10 gold, 6 silver and 1 bronze. But in the 21st century the Americans started to dominate on the floor. Since 2001 WNBA female student athletes have been regularly brought to the Universiade. Odyssey Sims, Elena Delle Donne, Skylar Diggins, Bree Hartley and many others have defended the university’s honor in different years. The Universiade is seen across the ocean as an important international tournament. And here, whenever possible, the main national team performs.


Australian and Chinese teams are regular prize-winners. But anybody can shine. For example, in 2011 the silver went to Taiwan and in 2015 the Canadian team reached the finals, where they lost to their American counterparts.


In 2003, the USA was represented by a Big 12 Conference all-star team, and in 2007 by The University of North Carolina at Charlottes. Both times the overseas experiment failed. Both times – and nothing. If you also want to follow NCAAW softball scores, our website has all the information you need.