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NFL  of the  South standings breaking news


Football is a team contact sports game in which two teams of eleven players compete. The game is played on a rectangular field with a special oval ball. It includes elements of rugby and soccer. You can find the latest nfl nfc south news on our site. Start following updates to get access to the most interesting information.


History of the game

One of the main symbols of the United States is considered a team game called football. Its story began with a teenager who broke the rules of an ordinary European game. William Webb Ellis, from Rugby, grabbed the ball with his hands during the soccer championship and rushed with it to the opponent’s goal. Thus, in 1823 the game of rugby was born. And almost fifty years later, players from Princeton and Rutgers universities met on New Brunswick football field to play either rugby or football. The legendary match took place on November 6 in 1869. That day was the birthday of the game of football. 


The game was systematized by Walter Camp, referee, player, sports commentator, who later became known as the father of football. His system included “five yards for three downs,” a new “quarterback” position, increased scores for touchdowns, a forward pass, grabbing the opponent’s knees, and an advantage to the team in possession of the ball. At the beginning of the twentieth century, the American president resented the roughness of the game and the high injury rate of its players. The innovations and penalties were immediately introduced. Players were required to wear uniforms to protect them from the rough treatment of their opponents, and since 1939 they were required to wear a helmet. Now you can find nfl nfc south standings news on our website.


Throughout the twentieth century the rules of the game improved: the length of the field changed, the number of team members decreased, match time was shortened, the six-point touchdown appeared. Professional players stood out from the masses, and private schools were created. In 1920, several teams formed their own union, and then the National Football League, which was later merged with the independent American League. The merger of the NFL and AFL was marked by the football world championship, and the final game between the champions was called Super Bowl I. It became the most prestigious and expensive phenomenon in sports life. 


Football News 

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