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The game of ice hockey with a puck was born more than a century ago in Canada. According to the most widely accepted version, its ancestors were British soldiers stationed in Canada in the early 1960s. They were the first to use a flat wooden disc – the prototype of today’s puck – instead of the usual European bendy ball.


Hockey is rightly called the game of the century. It embodies the brightest, most exciting and impressive features of modern sports: passionate fighting, whirling speed, courage in forceful combat, lightning-fast changes in game situations. It leaves no one indifferent, uniting many of its fans regardless of their age and interests. You can find NHL news on our site.


Hockey has become one of the symbols of modern life. This game, distinguished by the speed, dynamics, temperament and drama, is fully consistent with the time in which we live. One of the reasons for the great popularity of hockey is its ability to give the viewer a quick change of situations. A hockey fan can enjoy both the individual skill of the players and the way different schemes are implemented – in defense and offense.


NHL hockey news

Today, hockey is firmly on the list of the most popular sports games. The world regularly hosts competitions in the sport, but still the main NHL hockey news comes from a few of the top tournaments:


The main task in all the above tournaments is to hit the opponent’s goal with the puck. Players move around the field on their skates and use a stick to try to throw the puck into the opponent’s goal. The winning team is the team that has thrown the puck into the opponent’s goal the greatest number of times.


If by the terms of the competition it is necessary to determine the winner, and the game at the set time ended in a draw, an additional 20 minutes of play shall be assigned. Before extra time there is a 10-minute break, and again there is a draw to select sides of the field. During extra time, the game is played without a break, but the teams change sides after the first 10 minutes of play. 


Power techniques are used as to seize the puck, and to neutralize the opponent received it. To this end, more often they use a variety of pushes with the shoulder or hip in combination with the impact on the opponent’s stick.


In hockey there is a system of penalties for player and team. For foul play and unauthorized actions the referee may remove a player from the field without the right to replace him. Depending on the nature of the offense or violation of the rules a player may be given a “small penalty” – removal from the field for 2 minutes and a “large penalty” – removal for 5 minutes. In addition, for bad behavior the rules stipulate the removal of a player for 10 minutes or until the end of the game with the right to replace him with another player. If such a player is also penalized for 2 or 5 minutes, then he can be replaced only after he has passed the “small” or “big penalty”.


How to find the latest hockey news

On our site you can easily find not only the latest results of the competitions, but also see NHL news updates about your favorite teams and players. Information is presented on both popular leagues and many local ones. Read all the latest and most relevant NHL news online on our website.