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The NHL currently has 31 teams (32 from 2021) – 24 of which are based in the United States and seven in Canada. All of them are divided into 2 conferences: Eastern (16 clubs) and Western (15). They, in turn, are divided into 4 divisions: Metropolitan, Atlantic, Pacific and Central division NHL. All clubs play 82 games, according to the results of which the top 8 from each conference qualify for the playoffs, they continue to fight for the Stanley Cup. From there, the teams play the playoffs in the Olympic system – the winner goes on, the loser drops out. Each game is played to 4 wins by one of the teams. In the final, the winners of conferences play each other.


Playoff format

The playoffs are played between 8 teams from each conference – that is three teams in the top 3 of their respective divisions and two teams in each conference with the next highest score, no matter which division they are in. There is a possibility that one of the two divisions in the conference could delegate 5 clubs to the playoffs, while the other could delegate only 3. The quarterfinals, semifinals and finals take place within conferences. And in the championship final the winners of Western and Eastern Conferences meet and fight for the NHL’s main trophy – the Stanley Cup. For example, it can be a club from NHL Central division and Metropolitan division. A series of games in all playoff stages is played until one of the teams wins four games. 


Players who win the Cup have the right to spend the whole day with it as they want. Most hockey players bring it to their cities and countries, though there are unicoms who spend time with it very differently (drinking chocolate milk, feeding the dog, baptizing the kids, eating popcorn from it). The salary ceiling is currently set at $81.5 million. The minimum, however, is $60.2 million, meaning teams need to sign players with total contracts that will be no more than the first figure and no less than the second.


The NHL Central division was formed in 1993 and is part of the Western Conference. The composition of the division teams was changed before the 2013/2014 season. If you love hockey, the NHL is probably one of the most interesting topics for you. Find all the latest NHL news and current information on NHL Central scouting in this section.


The formation and rules of the National Hockey League

The National Hockey League was founded in 1917. It unites professional clubs from America and Canada. The NHL is one of the world’s oldest and most popular hockey leagues in history. Currently, 31 teams participate in it. The NHL’s main trophy is the Stanley Cup, which is awarded to the winner of the playoffs. Also during the NHL, there is an All-Star Game.


During the regular season, each club has to play 82 games, half of which take place in the home arena, and the other half on the opposing territory. The playoffs are an elimination game, where each team plays a four-game winning streak.


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