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If we look at the NHL from the business side, it is an organization that unites the top teams in the United States and Canada. The NHL is one of the four most popular sports leagues in the United States. Every hockey player or a kid who just picked up a stick dreams of going to the NHL. The world’s top players, the sport’s biggest stars, play here. In European leagues play either potential newcomers to the NHL, or adult players who played about 15 years overseas, or who are not needed there due to lack of skill, or for other reasons. The NHL Metropolitan division is one of the most spectacular. 


NHL History

The NHL is one of the first professional hockey leagues and you can find NHL Metropolitan standings on our website. The league was formed over 100 years ago – in 1917. At that time it consisted of four clubs. The Quebec Bulldogs were one of the teams that formed the NHL, but due to a lack of financing they were unable to play in their first two seasons. In early 1918, the Montreal Wanderers home ice venue burned down, so the team ceased to exist, and only 3 clubs finished the season. 


In 1924 the league got its first teams and already had 10 teams participating. But because of the Great Depression some clubs were disbanded. As a result, since 1942 and for 25 years the so called Original Six played in the NHL. In 1967 the league decided to expand its geography and as a result it already had 12 teams, and in 1970 it had 14. During their first 3 years of existence, the St. Louis Blues reached the Stanley Cup Finals uninterruptedly, a unique achievement that no one else could repeat (and probably never will).  But the Musicians have lost every series by a score of 0-4. Only in 2019 that streak was interrupted. In 2016, the metropolitan league NHL team won the cup.


There were another extensions in 1972 and 1974, but the level of play declined because of it. This continued until 1979, when the WHA, one of the NHL’s main competitors, was disbanded. That same year there was another expansion, which resulted in 4 teams, one of the strongest squads in league history, the Edmonton Oilers. At the beginning of the century, the Oilers remained the last team that continued to be based in the same city since the WHA, later so did the Winnipeg Jets, although it cannot be called until the end, since the original Jets moved to Phoenix, and later became Arizona. Today’s Winnipeg is the Atlanta Thrashers.


The San Jose Sharks joined the league in 1991, Ottawa and Tampa in ’92, and Florida and Anaheim in ’93. This period also saw the first missed games due to the NHL strike – the 1992 lockout, which ended after only 10 days. The second happened in the season 94/95, because of this the clubs did not play for 3 months and instead of 84 games played only 48. The most severe lockout happened in 2004, because of which the whole 04/05 season was not played. The NHL became the first professional league to miss an entire season due to the lockout. As a result of the lockout, the league set a “ceiling” on salaries, which was supposed to level the playing field for all clubs, and all player salaries were significantly reduced. 


How was the Metropolitan conference NHL formed?

The Metropolitan division of the NHL was formed in 2013 and it is part of the Eastern Conference. The Pittsburgh Penguins became the division’s first champion in the 2013/14 season. Pittsburgh also became the first member of the NHL Metropolitan conference to win the Stanley Cup (2016). At the moment, many hockey fans consider this division to be the most entertaining and exciting. On our website, you can access the latest news from this and other divisions. You can also find news from other sports.