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United States wins fourth straight in world hockey, beating Norway 2-1
Chasing quarterfinal bid, Canada beats Kazakhstan 4-2 at world hockey championship
U.S. Olympic baseball team manager Mike Scioscia says roster fluid, changes with call-ups
Caster Semenya fails to clock Olympic qualifying time in Pretoria 5000m race
Japan extends virus emergency with safe Olympics at stake
Organizing committee president hints Tokyo Olympics trending toward fan-free event
German gymnast Marcel Nguyen out of Olympics with knee injury
United States beats Latvia at world hockey championship
IOC tries to reassure Olympic athletes over COVID-19 waiver
Belarus stripped of hosting European track cycling championships amid jet diversion uproar

The Olympic Games are the largest international sporting event of our time, held every four years. The Olympic medal is considered the highest achievement in sport. You can get US Olympic news on our website online. It has all the Olympic news you need, which will be of interest to you.


Ancient Greece and Rome

The history of the Olympic Games goes back to ancient times, when sports were considered part of a religious cult. It is not possible to say exactly in what year the Olympic Games of antiquity took place, because of the lack of facts, but most often historians mention the year 776 BC. Why the Olympics are called that way is a secret that has long been uncovered by archaeologists. They were held in Olympia – an ancient sanctuary in the Peloponnese.


At the time of the games it was declared a sacred truce, and although the war was prohibited, the rule was often violated. With the arrival of the Romans the tradition of the Olympic Games was interrupted – according to the new orders the competitions began to be regarded as manifestations of paganism and were soon banned.


After Athens the baton to hold the Olympics passed to Paris, after the French capital – to St. Louis, Missouri. Participants in the games in the American town were mostly local athletes, because in those years it was extremely difficult to overcome the ocean. Since then, the Olympic Games have been held 56 times – given that they began to be divided into summer and winter. The events have been cancelled only twice – due to World War I in Germany and World War II in Sapporo, Tokyo, Cortina d’Ampezzo and London. Subsequently, the Olympics were held in these cities – in the British capital even twice. You can now access Olympic news articles on our website. 


Olympic sports

According to the Olympic Charter, Olympic sports are those managed by recognized international sports federations. Only sports that are played in at least 75 countries on four continents for men and at least 40 countries on three continents for women can be included in the Summer Olympic Games. Compliance with the requirements of the World Anti-Doping Committee established in 1999 is mandatory.


Sports shall be included in the Olympic program at least seven years prior to the Olympic Games in question, after which no changes shall be permitted. The same rules apply to the introduction of new Olympic sport disciplines. Use our website to get US Olympic news.


Olympic records and achievements

Victory in the Olympic Games is highly valued. The title of Olympic champion is lifelong, unlike, for example, the world champion (if he loses the next championship, he becomes ex-champion). In Olympic sports the athletes’ training is planned with a four-year Olympic cycle in mind. The Olympics are usually the pinnacle of an athlete’s sporting achievement, the crowning moment of his or her sporting career. Only a few athletes compete in more than one Olympics. If you want access to Olympic news, use this category of our site.


World records and Olympic records are fixed at the Olympics. In general, sports results at the Olympics are lower than at the world championships – here winning is more important than the result, and often the fighting tactics are focused on winning, not on the highest result. Many of the records end up in the Guinness Book of World Records.


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