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Basketball is a team sport in which two teams with five players compete. The aim of the game is to throw the ball into the basket of the opposing team as many times as possible. To do this, players pass the ball to each other or move forward, hitting the ball with their hand on the court and, approaching the shield, throw the ball into the basket. Two points are scored for hitting the ball in the basket during the game and one point for making a free throw. If you are looking for college basketball recruiting news, you can find it on our website.


The contest is won by whichever of the two teams earns the most points in 40 minutes of net time. Relatively small size of the court – 26 x 14 m and simple equipment – two racks with boards, to which are attached metal rings with nets, you can easily choose a place to play in every school, college or street yard, not to mention parks, stadiums and other places with a large area. In sports halls it is allowed to hold competitions on courts of 20 x 11 m. This contributes to holding basketball classes without interruption throughout the year. Now you can find basketball recruiting news online on our website.


Popularity of the game

Basketball is a game that is popular in all countries. Some people are fascinated by the stature of the players, others by the unpredictability of the game. But many people will agree that the basketball court is a place where you can forget all your worries. The naturalness and variety of movements underlying the game, such as running, jumping, shooting, passing and catching, as well as the tactical intent of the game and the fierce competition for the ball, are of great interest to players and spectators. Basketball recruiting news is a very important part of the competition. 


Basketball was invented by James Naismith. The teacher wanted to diversify the routine, gymnastic exercises of his charges. To do this, he attached a basket to the balcony of the gym. The first rules were simple: throw as many balls as possible in the basket, throwing the ball from hand to hand, and the shot went from below or from the chest.


The official date of birth of the sport is December 21, 1891. And basketball immediately gained its fans among the people of the United States and Canada. Today, basketball is different from James Naismith’s game. There are ten players on the field at the same time, five per team. There are also three referees on the court. Basketball lasts four halves, each of which lasts ten minutes. The first half begins with the ball in the center circle. The task of the opponents is to successfully attack someone else’s ring and defend their basket. Basketball has evolved in part due to the game of basketball recruiting.


In the game it is forbidden to play with your feet and run with the ball in your hands. There is also such a concept as a foul – a remark that the judge registers for unsportsmanlike conduct or for unintentional physical impact on the opponent. If a player accumulates 5 fouls or 2 unsportsmanlike remarks, he is removed from the court. In addition, the game has a time limit. One team is given 24 seconds to attack. 8 seconds are given to get the ball out of the defensive zone. 5 seconds is limited to one player’s possession of the ball. A three-second violation occurs if a player on the attacking team does not move out of the rectangular area under the opponents’ ring.


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