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Football is a team sport with a ball. The aim of the game is to push the ball towards the point end zone on the opponent’s side of the pitch and score points. The ball can be carried, thrown and passed to teammates. Points can be earned in a number of ways, including carrying the ball into the end zone, successfully passing the ball into the end zone or scoring between the goal posts (over the crossbar). The team with the most points after the allocated time is the winner of the game. The essential elements of football, without which the game cannot exist are a 120 by 54 yard pitch, two teams of 11 players and an elongated laced ball.


The field is divided into parts by lines of 5 yards and numbered every 10 yards. The 50 yards is the center of the pitch and the lines are numbered in descending order on either side of it, thus denoting the number of yards the attacking team has left to go to score a touchdown. Two lines are marked along the width of the bars from the goal line of one goal to the goal line of the other goal. The ball is placed on these lines and play is started from them. Two special zones are marked out on each side of the pitch: the end zone – the scoring zone and the red zone – from the end zone to the 20-yard mark. At the ends of the pitch on each side there is a goalpost, the bars of which are situated behind the field of play. An important part of the development of the game is recruiting new young players. So football recruiting news is an important element of the game, which you can find on our website in this category.


Now, let’s talk directly about the teams. Each team may field 11 players at the same time. Teams may substitute all or some players in between periods of play. As there is a strict specialization of players in football, the whole team is divided into offense, defense and special teams, which take part in the game when the ball is kicked. In this way professional teams can have up to 53 players. Players have very different tasks – some run with the ball or stop runners, some receive passes, some defend the point guard, some attack the point guard, some kick the ball. Therefore, this sport has a particularly well-developed system of playing roles. 


Each player has a different role. Different tasks require different physical attributes. So recruiting is a very important part of the game and professionals are always looking for new talent among college players. This leads to a serious level of development of football at the college level and quality training of players from a young age. You can find the latest football recruiting news on our website.


Popularity of the game

Football is the most popular sport in the USA, gathering millions of viewers in front of their television screens. One poll has shown that football has been the favorite sport in the USA since 1972, when it first surpassed baseball in this respect. TV ratings for National Football League games are higher than for the rest of North America’s sports leagues. On the day of the Super Bowl, the decisive game of the NFL season, a total of about 100 million people in the US watch the game, and it is broadcast in more than two hundred countries around the world. So many people in the country follow football news regularly.


Unprofessional college football is also very popular in the United States. Four university stadiums in the United States can seat more than 100,000 spectators, and they are often fully booked. Even games between high school students often draw more than 10,000 spectators. So the latest football recruiting news can help you predict which players will be the most popular in the near future.


Where to find the latest football recruiting news

You can find the latest football recruiting news on our website.