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There’s a joke in England that football is a hooligan’s game for real gentlemen and rugby is a gentleman’s game for real hooligans. It has everything you need to have the most fun – speed, excitement and, of course, collisions! That’s why it’s chosen by players all over the world! You can find American rugby news on our site.


A beautiful legend

The most popular rugby legend claims that the game was invented by William Webb Ellis – a schoolboy from Rugby Town, where, according to legend, he grabbed the ball with his hands and ran with it to the rival’s goal during a soccer match. It was back in 1823. Subsequently, schoolboys tried to play under the ‘new’ rules. Over time, English players began to travel around the world and spread rugby primarily in their colonies. The game took root there and now all the strongest teams on the planet in one way or another belong to the British Commonwealth. England, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Ireland are regarded as the world’s strongest teams. You can follow the latest rugby news online on our site.


The simpler, the better

Rugby, unlike football, has very simple rules. The object of the game is to produce a goal, either by scoring a goal (over the center bar and inside the posts) or by putting the ball into the in-goal area. Most importantly, the rules allow the ball to be touched with the hands: this is the essence of Rugby. An important point is that the player receiving the ball must not be closer to the opponents’ goal line than the one who is passing it. In other words, only backward passes are allowed.


The rugby pitch is 100×70 with two scoring zones, 10 to 22 meters, which adjoin the pitch just behind the goal. The halves are 40 minutes each and there are two halves in total. Only net time is counted. One team is on attack, the other on defense. Depending on the role, the players have constantly changing tasks. Each team has 15 players on the pitch. The latest American rugby news are available on our website.


Not a step backwards

There is a great deal of physical competition in Rugby, which is why so many people like it. The nature of the game can be described as explosive – a second ago players were stuck in a scrum and were moving slowly towards the scoring area when suddenly there were quick bursts and numerous passes across the field! Rugby is rightly considered as one of the most versatile games. Think about it: players need to be agile, bouncy and powerful at the same time, fast and hardy, with excellent reaction time and great strength training.


Professional athletes combine training in the gym with sprinting. In addition, players need to work hard with their heads: memorize a large number of schemes and tactics and apply them skillfully during a match. Rugby is a contact sport, with an increased risk of injury. This is due to the fact that there is no serious protection, only light, small fixtures such as pads and shin guards. The players’ uniforms are a T-shirt, shorts, socks and special boots. According to the rules they may be studded, but not tapered. Before the match the head referee is obliged to check the players’ equipment. If you want to learn rugby articles, use our website.


Despite the fact that rugby was originally a men’s game, it is now also played by women. Players range in age from very young, to older players. Rugby has given rise to a number of other sports. The basic rules are the same, differing in the number of players and the scoring methodology.


Where to find rugby news

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