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La Liga soccer is the main soccer championship of the country, founded in 1929. Today, La Liga is among the world’s strongest professional leagues. This is evidenced by the fact that Spanish teams regularly reach the final rounds of European competitions and quite often win them. Soccer in Spain are the three major clubs of the country – Barcelona, Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid. Also in the championship there are strong middles, such as Villarreal, Celta, which not only decorate the championship of Spain, but also perform well in the international arena.


Soccer La Liga game

If we talk about soccer in Spain, it has no serious differences from other European leagues in the regulations. The championship is attended by 20 teams that meet each other twice a season. As a result, the Spanish championship consists of 38 rounds divided into two rounds. The Spanish Premier League is played under standard rules, so there is also a technical defeat, which can be awarded, for example, for a team no-show or a rowdy fan behavior resulting in a disruption.


How the champion is defined

Spanish soccer is dynamic, so at the beginning of the season it is difficult to guess who will be the champion. The winner itself is determined simply – who collects the most points during the season, becomes the champion. The championship results also influence the placement of all teams in the standings. Thus, the first six teams qualify for participation in the European competitions. For the three teams with the lowest score, La Liga soccer league closes and they move down to the lower division. Their place is taken by the top three teams in the Segunda.


Tournament features

La Liga premier soccer league is among the strongest championships not only in Europe, but also in the world. This is where the two strongest clubs play – Barcelona and Real Madrid. Such interest in Spanish soccer is due to the large number of top players and the best coaches. The main features of the tournament:


The league is quite predictable, so most often the two aforementioned La Liga soccer teams become champions. However, Atletico Madrid has always imposed a serious struggle, which has repeatedly seized the championship. Also the results of Spanish soccer are often unexpected, because in every game an unexpected result can happen – the mid-tier clubs regularly give a serious fight to the giants.


Top scorers

La Liga soccer matches are always very interesting to watch, because the league is famous for its scorers, often becoming the best goal scorers in Europe. At the moment the best player is Lionel Messi, who scored more than four hundred goals, and this figure will grow. 


Soccer La Liga news

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