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Not many countries can boast such a developed sports industry as in the United States, but even before the Millennium, European soccer was not very popular. Inferior not only to traditional American football and baseball, but also basketball and hockey – NFL news and MLB calendar, NBA standings and NHL schedules were much more frequent guests in the smartphones of ordinary Americans. They not only watched games online, but also bought a special “pass,” while not the most popular game with not the most popular ball in the United States could not always gather a full house at the stadium. Largely because MLS‘ top scorers could score less in a season than Michael Jordan did in a single game.


Creation of the MLS soccer league

Nevertheless, European soccer in the U.S. had been trying to actively develop even after the 1966 World Cup – in the end, it was in the States that Pele and Franz Beckenbauer, who played late in their careers, became the first American ambassadors of soccer in which only goalkeepers played with their hands. But the results – above all, commercially – were disappointing: the teams played at a loss. Which is doubly odd, considering that the first soccer tournament in the country, the US Open Cup, was held way back in 1913. However, the ball oval was still the priority, pushing to the margins both the Open Cup, and a semblance of a regular championship, and an Indo-Football league (the teams played on artificial turf made in a hockey “box”: a spectacular thing, but also somehow unpopular).


Before the 1994 Mundial it was decided to found a new league and little by little the MLS soccer tournament developed. Although the soccer boom went down after the World Cup at home, but the contest was being promoted. In the best traditions of American sports marketing. And today, MLS soccer games are already attended by more fans than hockey and basketball duels (probably because tickets are cheaper, stadiums have more capacity, and the hot dogs and beer in the arenas are about equally tasty). 


A sizeable fan base watches soccer online, in large part because the league is trying to generate high competition. Yes, teams can afford stars whose incomes are taken out of the general “salary cap” (that’s how David Beckham and more came into MLS), but the League owns all the clubs, trying to give away the best players proportionately. And the results speak for themselves: thirteen clubs became champions in twenty-three seasons! Free competition and equal opportunities – isn’t this the living embodiment of the American soccer dream?


Soccer MLS standings

The premier American round ball game can and should be followed online today on our website. The latest news and conference standings, MLS soccer schedules and match results are all for fans of the spectacular American soccer, where not only the result is important, but also the show on the field. We also have a handy game calendar, so you won’t be late for the starting whistle.


The Major League Soccer championship is a spring-fall system, starting in March. Clubs in the U.S. and Canada first play the regular season (the best team is awarded the Supporters’ Shield trophy), then the best clubs playoffs for the league title and the MLS Cup – the winner is determined in November. You can follow MLS soccer games on our website. The 2019 Major League Soccer season has expanded to 24 clubs – 21 teams represent the U.S., 3 represent Canada. It’s not possible to drop out of the MLS soccer tournament on a sporting basis, and you have to buy a franchise to join the league. If you are interested in such matches, you can find a lot of exciting news on our website.