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Soccer Series A is one of the oldest national leagues, founded in 1898. It creates high competition between clubs within the country, stimulating their professional growth. And thus contributes to the soccer development of the continent. It has the highest number of Europa League finalists. The division is also one of the most spectacular today. Millions of fans watch the games in stadiums and online, match reviews with replays of the most beautiful goals gather thousands of viewers.


All about Series A Italy soccer on one site

Series A is one of the oldest European competitions, which was organized in 1898. It is currently among the strongest leagues, ranking third in the UEFA rankings, behind only England and Spain. Series A soccer league consists of 20 teams, which meet twice during the season. As a result, the season consists of 38 games, in which each team meets each other: once at home, the second on the field of visitors. As a result, the results are as fair as possible, as all clubs are given equal playing conditions. 


The distribution of points for games takes place according to the standard rules: 


As a result, the champion is determined by the number of points scored – whoever has more points, he becomes champion. If several clubs have the same number of points, Serie A regulates the dispute in the following way: it takes into account the face-offs, and if it is equal, the winner is determined by the number of goals scored and conceded. 


Italian soccer: regulation of the tournament 

Serie A has a high UEFA ranking, so five teams from this championship go to the European Cup at once. Soccer in Italy is quite competitive, so at the end of the season three clubs immediately leave the top division. These teams are determined by the number of points scored – the one who has less, moves to Serie B. However, the new season Serie A keeps the parity, as the top three clubs of the bottom division rise to the place of the relegated. 


Short review

The Serie A soccer schedule has always been notable for its tactical duels. At all times Italians preferred to play on defense, prioritizing the defense of their own goal. Because of this, neutral spectators did not really like to watch games. But in recent years the situation has changed, and today Italian soccer consists of both defensive teams and attacking ones. It is not uncommon for matches to end with big scores, which has increased interest in the league. 


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