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Women’s basketball is one of the popular active sports in which the action is aimed at both offense and defense. The aim of the game is to shoot the ball into the basket of the opponent. This sport sharpens coordination, keeps the body toned, has a beneficial effect on the heart, and therefore it is included in the school sports program. If you are interested in WNBA news, you can find a lot of useful information on our site.


Rules of Women’s Basketball 

Women’s basketball has certain requirements.


Shots are scored differently: 


Each quarter lasts 10 minutes of net time (only the time when the ball is on the field is counted) with two-minute breaks between the first and second half and the third and fourth halves. Between the second and third half is a long break of 15 minutes. Full playing time is about forty minutes. In the USA, the rules are different: the halves last 12 minutes each. Only total time is counted in a half: the minutes when the ball is on the pitch. If you want to find the latest women’s basketball news online, use our website.


Differences between women’s basketball and men’s basketball 

In the 21st century, there are virtually no differences between women’s and men’s basketball. The only technical difference is the size and weight of the ball. Of course, male and female technique is different. It’s true that many girls are increasingly using men’s elements in basketball. If you want to see that, read the latest WNBA news.


One of the most important competitions in basketball is the Olympic Games, which are held every four years. Teams can also participate in international championships. Every four years the women’s basketball world championship takes place, and every two years the European championship is held. The FIBA Women’s Basketball World League, which is an official FIBA competition, is also a great way to play. This tournament began in 2004. FIBA also organizes FIBA Women’s Euro league (women’s basketball tournament held since 1959) and European Cup (annual European club women’s basketball tournament). In the U.S., young players prepare while they are still in college, so it will be helpful for you to know women’s college basketball news.


Where to find the latest WNBA news

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