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Broken tables, broken chairs, brutal fights with blood on the faces of brutal and strong athletes. This is how the older generation may remember wrestling. Now everything has changed – wrestling became less brutal, but still worthy of attention. You can find the latest WWE news on our website.


In the past, the show was really brutal and meant to be watched only by adults. Athletes were not shy about smashing each other’s heads, destroying cars, tables with dishes and food and so on. It was called the Attitude Era. It ended in May of 2002. Then came the Ruthless Agression era. This is when John Cena debuted, who is now at the height of fame and known far beyond wrestling. And since 2008, the PG era has reigned in WWE. This means that the age limit for each edition of the show is 3+. Nowadays, wrestlers try not to beat each other to blood, although sometimes cuts do happen. Also, the fighters very rarely swear in storyline altercations. Although swearing and blood has been on the show more and more since 2014, and a variety of wrestling changes are on the rise, no one is talking about a return of the Attitude Era among WWE executives. If you want to follow WWE wrestling news, use our website.


Infinity Series

Essentially, wrestling is a live-action series in the arena. There are new shows every week: RAW (Monday), Smackdown (Tuesday), WWE NXT (Wednesday), 205 Live (Thursday). And about every 3-4 weeks, they organize a massive “pay-per-view” show. At the weekly shows, the wrestlers develop a storyline of confrontation with each other, and at the larger shows, these conflicts reach a culmination. But sometimes they do not end there either, and stretch to the main show of the year – “WrestleMania”, where it will definitely be decided who is stronger, cooler, smarter.


Wrestling fights are just one part of the show, battles are the ultimate to decide who’s right. But in fact, all the most interesting things happen outside of these fights. You can follow WWE news on our website. Constant pointless fights viewers are not interesting, so the WWE writers come up with ways to fuel interest in wrestling. It can be anything: attempts to steal the girl, a wedding disruption, the desire to stop the series of victories of another athlete, betrayal (fights of former best friends regularly get spectacular), a clash of young athletes with the legends of the company. 



WWE never hid the staged nature of wrestling. The show positions itself solely as an entertainment event. And that means that the viewer comes first. Everything is created just for them. Wrestlers do not have to “play dirty” to win, because they have pre-planned everything. Their task – to show the most interesting fight for the audience. In wrestling, you won’t see long and boring fights, where your opponents will find the right moment to attack for a long time. Except, of course, situations where it is planned for the development of the character the athlete plays. But in order not to spoil the viewer, the most spectacular fights are held by special rules, and these do not happen at every show. You can follow the latest WWE wrestling news online on our website.


The colossal influence of the audience

As mentioned above, the viewer is the most important thing in wrestling. In 2014, one of WWE’s vice directors, Triple H stated that viewers have a tremendous influence on the company’s decisions, they have never decided so much. A prime example is the development of the character of Daniel Bryan (real name Brian Danielson). Initially it was not in management’s plans to give Bryan the company’s main title, but he became so popular that WWE had no choice.


Where to find WWE news

If you are interested in WWE daily news, you can use our website. It will help you always get the latest WWE news and keep up-to-date.