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Sports always involve risks of injury. But in some sports, these risks begin to exceed the limits of reasonableness, threatening not only health but also life. Nevertheless, many people choose to engage in activities where they constantly have to take risks. At the beginning of the 20th century, sports called “extreme” emerged, and in the middle of the century they began to gain popularity. Now you can follow such events and news about them on our website.


In the early 90s, a popular sports channel ESPN, seeing a wave of enthusiasm for sports that have not been held in any official competitions in connection with their danger, decided to organize a sports game for the extreme. The news quickly found interested fans. The first such games were held in 1995. They were held in two American states – Vermont and Rhode Island. A crowd of 198,000 people gathered to watch the competition. The organizers did not expect such a success from spectators. The original plan was to hold similar games once every two years, but after the initial success the frequency was changed, and now the games are held once a year. In 1997, the summer games were joined by the winter games, which also found their admirers.


In the earliest games, there were nine sports to compete in. These were:


Now in the latest summer extreme games, there are four disciplines:


Winter games are held in disciplines such as:


The X Games has its legends. Dave Mirra has won ten titles in various events. Fabiola da Silva took the gold medal seven times in a row in roller skating stunts. Skateboarders Tony Hawk and Andy MacDonald held the top spot in solo performances six years in a row. Altogether, they scored a total of 15 medals each. The youngest Extreme Games winner is Ryan Sheckler. He took the gold medal at age 13. The second was Tom Schaar, 14 years old.


The games don’t pass without accidents. One of the most striking happened to Jake Brown, who performing a stunt on a skateboard fell from a height of 15 meters. The most amazing thing is that after falling from such a height, he left the arena on his own feet. No serious injuries were sustained by Brown. Snowboarder Cam Sinclair, performing a double backflip, was injured and fell into a coma as a result. He survived, but lost the skills of even simple walking. Nevertheless, Cam found the strength to cope with the disease and returned to the sport.


The desire to win, to take risks, to go beyond the ordinary attracts more and more people to extreme sports. You can follow X Sports news online on our website. There is a lot of useful information and news that may be of interest to you.